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Our Staff!


Staff Member Ed

Bubba! (eD)
The Supreme Chancellor!

Born on a drawing of a Battlefield!
It is said Bubba was bred for comic books!
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Our Wonder(ful) Woman!

Molded From PlayDoh!
Because clay is not near as much fun.
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Staff Member Lisa
Robbie! "The Manager"

“The Manager”

“I read a lot of books; let me tell you about ’em.”

If you find a comic he hasn’t read, he’ll probably try to buy it from you.

Nathan H.
“The Hammer”

The person to call when you need something done!
Also available to assist if you require an additional hooligan.
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Staff Member Nathan H.
Bald man wearing sunglasses with surly expression in an impressive space marine armor cosplay
Staff member Jonathan, covering the camera with his hand.


Jonathan has chosen to remain anonymous to protect his secret identity and all those he holds dear.

Favorite snacks are Cool Ranch Dorito’s and Samoas girl scout cookies.

“Head Maid”

Although he is never seen in the sunlight and works only at night, to many of our dismay Matt is definitely *not* a vampire. (Yeah, we checked.)

Might just be helping a friend get rid of some broken furniture on a burn pile… or might be helping dispose of a body. We don’t know. Best not ask.

Staff member Matt with an alternate background of flames
Staff member Tommy looking expectantly at the camera in front of the warehouse

Tommy! Can you hear me?

Naught may venture into the dark, musty depths of the Dungeon.. err.. I mean warehouse, without Sir Tommy’s approval!


Hey, it’s me.


How are you?

Staff member David, a young man with shaggy dark brown hair giving two thumbs up
Staff member Mike, a broad man with a beard smiling gently and looking directly at the camera

Mike “The Voice” Matthews

“I do toys. I do photography. I don’t do toy photography.”


Manager at the card counter by day, and by night? Also.. uh… manager.. of the card counter. What can we say? He’s dedicated and good at what he does.

Staff member Jesse, standing in front of trading card games
Staff member Blake, a petite man with long wavy brown hair with well-groomed facial hair, a grey sweatshirt with text that reads "I am groot", standing in front of the comic book wall

Blake Russell

a sweet precious angel human who can do no wrong


Symphonic metal.

Gorey Manga.


Staff member Kam
Staff member Nick posed with a dragon statue


Nick (left) is the cool human in this photo, not the (right) cool dragon.

Quick to help you but quicker with a joke. Nick specialties lie in Warhammer, MTG, and indie comics! If there is something he can’t find for you, he is sure to find someone who can!

“The Rookie”

This fresh face at the comic counter graces us with newfound curiosity and motivation! The fastest “bag and boarder” yet, we’ll see if this underdog can hone his skill to be the DeeP’s new champion!

Staff member Tanner
Staff member Jaylin


An animal lover and professional model, this chill human does human things behind our card counter.

His passion may linger with Pokémon, but that doesn’t stop him from delving into the mysterious and shining depths of Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and all other trading card games to be explored behind the counter…


Ephram Mcalister

Over ebay, whatnot, online sales and shipping here at The DeeP!

Outside of The Deep he loves art, motorcycles, cars, skateboarding, and all things techy.

Staff member Ephram
Staff member Cayden

“Everyone’s Favorite Sociopath”

Cayden works at the card counter. He used to love MTG, but now he loves Pokemon.


One of a couple of new faces at the comic counter and a lover of all things horror, paranormal, and sci-fi!
He’d love to chat about Hellboy, Harrow County, X-Wing, or the latest Mothman sightings, so stop by and say hey sometime!

Staff member Scott
photo of employee Chris with some superimposed pokemon sitting on his arms as he does a double peace sign

Chris Patrick “Crispy”

AKA “Crinkle Cut Chris”

He works hard, he plays hard.