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Our Staff!

Staff Member Ed

Bubba! (eD)
The Supreme Chancellor!

Born on a drawing of a Battlefield!
It is said Bubba was bred for comic books!
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Our Wonder(ful) Woman!

Molded From PlayDoh!
Because clay is not near as much fun.
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Staff Member Lisa
Staff Member Robbie

“The Manager”

Comic Historian By Day,
Slayer By Night!
Well, Slayer between Podcasts…
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Nathan H.
“The Hammer”

The person to call when you need something done!
Because he knows who to call that will actually do it!
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Staff Member nathan
Staff Member Jonathon (no pic)


Too Fast to catch a pic!

Matt E
“The Closer”

Might be a vampire… Hope Robbie doesn’t find out

Staff Member Matt (no pic)
Staff Member Tommy

Tommy! Can you hear me?

Naught may venture into the dark, musty depths of the Dungeon.. err.. I mean warehouse, without Sir Tommy’s approval!

Working on pics of everyone else.
Of course, I have been saying that for years…

More Bio’s coming soon!