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The Secret Origin of The DeeP

The DeeP Mascot, an Octopus named Galapagos!

The DeeP Collectibles, Founded in 13,991,126 BC (Earth Standard Time) in the City of Plezzbifrumus (Pronounced ‘Please buy from us’) on the planet Mars. Shortly before the death of all life on our home planet, the owner of The DeeP put himself and his family into an extended hibernation pod and blasted off to the planet Earth, where life was just beginning to form. The plan was to awaken from hibernation 13,993,066 years later. All our surveys and scientific analysis told us this would be the dawning of the age of super- heroes in media, which is our true love in life. Unfortunately, we did not take into account the 50 odd years it requires to awaken and so were not able to open The DeeP Collectibles on Earth until March of 1995. (sorry, didn’t mean to be late)